Ride back to the USS Rigel!

Ride back to the USS Rigel!

Charlie’s divers enjoying a ride back to the Rigel!

  1. Tommy Covington |

    This photo related to the novel, LOSING ROXY, leads me to believe that the book will be of interest to those of us who enjoy reading about WWII times. There are so many stories of that time that still are awaiting to be told.

    • admin |

      WW2 touched every corner of the world. Thank you again for unfolding Charlie’s early life – glorious help!

  2. Betty |

    You certainly have put in a huge amount of time researching information of the war years, and how it affected your family. I very much look forward to reading your book.

    • admin |

      We really appreciate your kind words, Betty!
      We travelled the world to view archives for interesting history associated with our characters.
      Thank you!

  3. Dennis |

    Lynette has extensively researched the south Pacific theatre of war, assembling era photos, documents and letters to construct a captivating tender romance. Transporting the reader to a distant place and time, engulfed in the dangers of war and tempered by the powerful love of two gentle souls whose paths crossed during the unfolding of hostilities. You will meet them, understand them and love them.
    She builds her scenes as bold and skillfull as a Picasso painting.
    An unforgettable work.

    • admin |

      I thank you Dennis, as always, for your support and rendition of my work of art… I write, I paint, I bring this story to life so the reader can experience two people who met when war tears them apart… what happens to them?

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