Charlie, Doc, and Vic pose in New Guinea jungle

Charlie, Doc, and Vic pose in New Guinea jungle

Charlie on a mission, ready for action in New Guinea jungle

  1. David W. Jessup |

    Waiting patiently for L.M. Hedrick’s book “Losing Roxy” to be available is difficult for me, as I also served on the navy repair ship Rigel; but at a different time than the hero of the book. I have undergone the strangeness and occasional moments of terror that accompany being in the New Guinea jungle that Charlie Kincaid also must have experienced. I have learned that his assignments were much more hazardous than my own. Therefore I look forward to reading about his life and if, or how, he managed to survive.

  2. admin |

    Many thanks for your kind comments, David.
    While Losing Roxy is a work of fiction, we researched extensively to maintain historical accuracy as much as possible. Working hard now towards the hum of the printing presses!
    Kind regards, Lynette & Bud

  3. Peggy Stoughton |

    My father in law served on the USS Rigel at the same time with Charlie Kincaid…..he was at Pearl Harbor and just got off the ship as the bombers flew overhead. His best friend forgot his wallet and went back into the Rigel to retrieve it and was killed by mortar fire. He talked very little of that attack and talked mostly of his duties on the repair ship, and his meeting the love of his life, Kathleen while he was stationed in Auckland. Their story had a very happy ending, as he brought the love of his life back with him to America.

    It is very unfortunate that at the time that you were doing your research for your book that my father in law, William Stoughton, was lost to us from dementia and we were not able to find out if they knew each other. I will always wonder……

    • Thank you Peggy for the wonderful memories of your father-in-law! I wonder if they knew each other. Reading Losing Roxy will refresh many memories as the USS Rigel makes its way into the South Pacific dangers. So many lives were changed forever.

      • Peggy Stoughton |

        Myself, my family and my friends await the publishing of your book half way around the world! Looking forward to it’s release!

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